My name Rebecca but i prefer Becky

I never knew about these wonderful bottles until 2012 when my partner bought my a gold London 2012 bottle from Selfridges. I then did some research and found out this bottle was part of a set (collection) for the London Olympics so i went about hunting them down. I eventually got them all and actually have the display case version. But it opened my eyes to the world of Coca Cola bottle collecting and my collection has grown alot since them.

I can be found to sell or trade bottle around the world. If i sell it at a good price so that others like myself can build our collections.

Since 2016 i have actually decide to narrow my collection due to the volume of bottles being produced and the fact i am expecting my first child, i am going to focus on my UK collection and Mini bottle collection. I will develop my collection to certain countries but right now i can decide which i am thinking about Singapore because that was where my father was born when my grandad was serving in the Navy. I am also thinking about USA as its a dream of mine to visit and travel to different cities.

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