It is a feature of the Coca Cola bottle with a contour to draw a beautiful curve, such as flows, was born as a glass bottle, and will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

A year to be the Memorial, was first released Coca Cola slim bottle further evolved with a new abgluminum material in Japan. Coca-Cola and Isetan Mitsukoshi called for new art and creation born in cooperation, in order to go further connect it to the next generation, received cooperation to our artists and creators who are active in Japan, “slim bottle” as the theme, we had created a work of art. His works are exhibited at the on-site during the campaign period of the Art & Creation Festa 2015 of Shinjuku Isetan, will be awarded to customers that had you participate in the charity. Charity money was entrusted to us by our customers is the full amount, it will be donated to the activities of the Great East Japan reconstruction assistance of the project “Children’s art house” (Tohoku University of Art and Design and a joint project of Kyoto University of Art and Design). “Children’s art house”

For Charity

Charity money recruiting amount

Per piece: 30,000 yen

* All works of art because of the kind one point, donation recruitment per piece, will be one person.
* In the case of many applicants in the same work, it will be considered as lottery.

For Charity How to participate

Step 1

Than “your application form”, please apply

More to your application form] at the bottom of this site, received access to “your application form”, on top of the fill in the necessary information, please apply to the artists work of hope.

Step 2

For lottery, please contactIn the case of many applicants, after the acceptance period, on the strict Naru lottery, we will determine the winner.

* Towards the winner, we will contact you by phone before September 11, 2015 (Friday).

Step 3
About payment
After contact us, thank you for your payment by bank transfer. (Thank you within three business days from the next day)

* When you elected us, we will give your transfer account of the charity money.
* Transfer commission, will be borne by your winning bidder.

Step 4

About my work

After confirming the transfer, we will deliver to your designated addressee addressed.

* Your destination, it will be only in Japan.
* Shipping rates, it will be considered as organizers burden.

* charity gold payment, all we will only transfer your cash.
* Since the cancellation after winning applicants can not be accepted, please understand. However, there is a case where I am allowed to perform the lottery contact your elected again, for example, if that does not lead a few days.
* Art works that will be awarded to customers is our cooperation in charity is the actual item that will be exhibited at Isetan Shinjuku stage.Come upon the state of the check, please apply.

“KISS THE HEART” is a social project through the Art of Mitsukoshi Isetan groKISS-THE-HEART_logoup.
Such as through charity activities that take advantage of the traditional culture inheritance support and young artists support and Art, we will continue working to be able to for the creation of a prosperous future that was opened to the world as Mitsukoshi Isetan group.

In the affected areas “soooo good!” To smile and Happy.
Immediately after the earthquake, the “Coca-Cola Reconstruction Support Fund”, to cheer the children to create a community and the future of Northeast, it was established in the “Foundation Coca-Cola EducatcolaFoundationional & Environmental Foundation”. Based on the foundation of the philosophy of “mind rich and robust human resource development, through education support activities for children responsible for the next generation, to feel the joy of the future to tomorrow, advancing with everyone in the region, now also” soooo good! It will deliver a smile and Happy. “

Here is the link to the application form but this is only for Local residents of Japan

Application Form


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