Coca-Cola life

Coca‑Cola Life is our first lower-calorie cola sweetened from natural sources. It’s the first addition to our trademark since the launch of Coca‑Cola Zero eight years ago. With a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than Coca‑Cola, its sweetness comes from a blend of sugar and stevia2 leaf extract.

While growing impatience at the idea of the first sunny days Coca-Cola Life, its proposes to celebrate spring with an exclusive collector’s box. Consisting of a Coca-Cola life glass bottle and the iconic Coca-Cola glass. This box with soft cut grass fragrance will be edited to 50 copies in a (very) limited edition! The illustrator Pieter Ceizer will propose arty-stics paintings specially designed for the occasion to the happy buyers of the box set.

This boxset can be bought from Colette a French store instore and online. This will go on sale on 21st March 2015. It’s usually around €25-35 range.

i would recommend going online early to purchase this boxset otherwise they will be sold out. Sometime Colette will release a few more to allow a range of customers to purchase . History shows these sell out really quickly. If you are in France visit the store to get your hands on this exciting collectors item.



.Coca Cola Life Boxset

Coca Cola Life Collectors Boxset

Coca-Cola Life is now available in a range of countries around the world. It can be purchase in cans, plastic bottles (500ml, 1.5 litre). In some countries it can be purchase in a glass bottle with a paper label.

If you are a collector and you want to get British bottles contact me. I am a collector as well and buy bottles . I currently have glass Belgium Coca-Cola Life bottles in stock. Stock will be appearing on the website shortly, until then contact me for a great deal.



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