50a5c8b4acf19aa46f6f210272194178Hello everyone, some of you might be aware that France are releasing some new bottles with DJ Avicii for a new collaboration with Coke Zero. The have not been released yet and should be coming out around the October mark. I have heard rumors that there will be a box set as there are 4 different bottle designs.

I have also been told that there will be some club football bottles coming out at some point. We all know that Ligue 1 is the top football league in France. But what you might not know is that Coke Zero has produced some club football bottles. You might remember the Germany released a can set of the Bundesliga League clubs with the club logos on a can. This was produced in box set. But i know that they have produced 250ml aluminum bottles with at least two clubs maybe more. I don’t currently have photos but when i do i will release images on this article, so watch this space…..

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While we wait for photos here is a list of clubs in the Ligue 1 which clubs will have a bottle ? Maybe all of them? Just the most popular ones?


Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 19.23.48

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