So the World Cup has ended and people want to know where they can get the Gold Rugby World Cup Aluminium Bottle and you might read my previous post about the Rugby World Cup Aluminium Bottle
Sadly you wont be able to buy it from a shop. Coca Cola gave these bottles away at the Grand Final to visitors. Since then a large amount of theses bottles can be found on eBay. But please be careful when purchasing off eBay the people who are selling are not always collectors and they don’t know how to package and send these bottle to avoid damage. Some friends have bought them and send them to me and one parcel had 8 bottles in next to each other with a thin layer of bubble wrap that was then wrapped in brown paper. The bottle got damaged and start leaking so please make sure they wrap each bottle separately and send in a box to avoid damage.


We also found out that coke have made some other little items for the world cup like lanyards, t-shirts etc. But they have also made 2 box sets i don’t currently have both in my hands but i will shortly have them and when i do i will upload an image to this page. They not going to be cheap and the aluminum box set will certainly bring more money. One sold on eBay for roughly £160 and the glass bottle version £70.

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