It’s an exciting time in the UK for collectors, Coca Cola Life not only has a new global branding,  but it’s now even better with less sugar. Please read below to find out more.

Coca-Cola Life, the lower sugar, lower calorie Coca-Cola variant launched in September 20142, now contains even less sugar and fewer calories.  The new recipe, which launches in stores this month, now has 45 per cent less sugar than regular colas.  A 330ml can of new Coca-Cola Life contains 76 calories and 19 grams of sugar.

Coca-Cola Life is perfect for people looking to reduce their sugar intake but don’t want to switch to sugar-free.  Offering great taste and refreshment, Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia plant extract. Stevia is a naturally sourced, calorie-free sweetener obtained from the leaf of the stevia plant. The stevia plant from the chrysanthemum family is native to Paraguay. Its leaf is a unique source of intense, natural sweetness.

The reformulation, announced in January 2016, is part of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s commitment to offering consumers more choice when it comes to lower and no sugar options. Based on 2015 sales of the original Coca-Cola Life, the new recipe will potentially remove more than 800 million calories from the nation’s diet.


Jon Woods, General Manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain said: “Coca-Cola Life is perfect for people looking for the great Coca-Cola taste but with a little less sugar. I’m delighted that through extensive research and development we’ve been able to reduce the sugar and calorie content even further without compromising the great taste of Coca-Cola Life. We think it will continue to appeal to consumers who are looking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake but do not want to switch to a sugar-free cola.”


The launch is part of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s £30 million reformulation programme to reduce sugar and calories in some of the nation’s favourite soft drinks, including Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta, as well as innovating to launch new drinks like Coca-Cola Life. The reformulations have contributed to reducing people’s sugar and calorie intake – for example, the Sprite and Dr Pepper reformulations each removed more than 10 billion calories and 2,500 tonnes of sugar from the nation’s diet. This has helped make soft drinks the only food and drink category where the sugar taken home from them is decreasing – by 13.6 per cent in the last four years3.

The news comes following a recent announcement by Coca-Cola Great Britain that they would launch Coca-Cola Zero Sugar this summer to taste and look more like Coca-Cola Classic. The launch will be backed by the Company’s biggest marketing investment in a new product launch for a decade.

Coca-Cola Life is now available to buy in stores nationwide and will be available in a range of pack sizes including: 330ml can, 500ml bottle, 1.75L bottle, 6 x 330ml can multipack, and 8 x 330ml can multipack.


Notes to Editors:

  1. 1. Coca-ColaLife new formulation launching April 2016 – 45 per cent less sugar and calories than full sugar colas in GB.
  2. The OriginalCoca-ColaLife formulation launched in September 2014 – 37 per cent less sugar and calories than full sugar colas in GB.
    3. Kantar WorldPanel data, March 2016
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